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The solution for your drinking water pipe

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Does the water from the tap smell weird? Maybe the pipes, water taps, or even the boiler froze during the winter?

This can cause serious consequences - either for your health, if germs build up in the pipes in the stagnant water, Or financially- fixing costs for burst pipes, water taps, or even a boiler is expensive.

But there is a simple and quick solution for the problem causing standing water in the pipe - the AES Basic from Simplex AER!

With the AES Basic, all water pipes can be drained easily and super-fast with a simple button touch. Once installed, it can be used at any time whether after a camping trip, before winterizing, or simply in between for the good feeling of a clean water pipe.

The AES Basic is also an important environmental component for every camping vehicle - if everyone would use this system, instead of flushing the water pipes with drinking water, it would be possible to save up to 31 million gallons of drinking water, per year-just in the USA.

With our system, the camper no longer needs to worry about whether the pipes are drained or how this is to be done - above all, it is simple and not at all complicated.

The AES Basic can be retrofitted in nearly every camping vehicles, whether caravans, panel vans, or motorhomes. There are detailed installation instructions and a How-To-Do video for the skilled handyman and do-it-yourselfer, which allows an installation without any problems.Of course, an installation appointment can also be booked via the website or you can meet up at one of the many events where Simplex aer is represented. There you have also the opportunity to take part in the workshop for self-installation.

Effective pipe drying

Dry drinking water pipes with a button touch. Our AES Basic effectively drains water that remains in the pipe and thus ensures a reduction in germs.

Simple retrofitting

Uncomplicated retrofitting for any camping vehicle. Our product is compatible with all caravans and motorhomes and can be installed effortlessly, whether with the self-installation kit or by us.

Convenient emptying

Convenient draining of the water pipes. You can drain the drinking water pipes effortlessly at the touch of a button to prevent frost damage in winter.

The solution for your caravan

No more worries about germs in the drinking water pipes of your camping vehicle. Especially after long periods of non-using in summer or the risk of freezing in winter - thanks to Simplex AER, this belongs to the past!

How does the AES Basic work?

AES Basic

Alexander Mayerhofer

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Customer reviews

Discover and share your experience with us and the AES Basic! Visit our Google My Business page here. Your opinion counts! Reviews translated from German.

Rating Starts

Super nice and totally personal contact, very fast and professional processing. Fast delivery. Really highly recommended!!!

Nicole Kaul
Rating Starts

I had the system installed on site. Tried it out the next day, of course. It was amazing how much water came out of the pipes. A really great system at a very good price. I can really only recommend it. Many thanks to Alexander for the professional installation.

Patrick Priebe
Rating Starts

Super product, real relief and enrichment. The water pipes are emptied in no time at all. Saves a lot of time. I installed the product myself using the description. Works perfectly. Very nice contact. Clear recommendation to buy.

Patrick G.
Rating Starts

I had the system installed on site, despite the difficult conditions in my motorhome, everything went smoothly. The system works wonderfully and blows my pipes clear. A must for me so that I can protect the drinking water system at the touch of a button. It protects against germs and of course against frost damage in winter. Many thanks to Alexander Mayerhofer for his impeccable service.

Jörg Arndt
Rating Starts

A camping must-have! Finally, the annoying manual emptying of water pipes is a thing of the past. With just the push of a button, the drinking water pipes are clean and ready for the next adventure. I am delighted with the efficiency and quality of this product and can highly recommend it to all campers!

Felix Hahn
Rating Starts

I am overwhelmed by this drainage device for the water pipes in our caravan. The installation was Simplex AER and now draining is easier than ever. It saves time and effort and works reliably.

Sarah Heinrich

About us

A small company with a big vision!

Simplex AER was founded in January 2022 with the aim of making it as easy as possible to remove drinking water from the pipes of camping vehicles - an issue that almost all campers are always concerned about.

To put an end to household tips, DIY solutions and other inefficient and time-consuming gimmicks, we developed the  AES Basic with patent, which makes it possible to drain the pipes simply and easily at the touch of a button, thus protecting them from germs and frost damage.

We have developed a system for this purpose, which we present to you at trade fairs and exhibitions so that you can get an idea of its functionality and benefits on site.

Quality - Made in Germany!

High quality

The product
AES Basic...

An innovative solution for every camping vehicle owner

High quality and good value for money

Made in Germany | Patented

AES Basic



Here is our small and lightweight system, which can be installed at any kind of RV because of its small dimensions, whether in a compact campervan, caravan or motorhome!

Simple installation
2 KG Weight
high quality

Scope of delivery

-AES Basic
- Compressor

Additionally bookable - 30$
Self-assembly kit

Installation and assembly

Have AES Basic installed by us or install it by yourself

With us, you have the choice - have the AES Basic system installed by our professional team or choose to install it by yourself. We provide you with detailed instructions and support to ensure that you can install the AES Basic system easily. Choose the option that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of our innovative solution.

Most frequently asked questions

I drain my pipes with a balloon - why should I buy the system?

Very good, you have already recognized the problem of water remaining in the pipes and are trying to do something about it. The AES Basic is much more efficient, faster, simpler and more convenient than the balloon solution - at the touch of a button you can empty any water pipe super-fast without having to make any effort and you also upgrade your camping vehicle.

I have frost proof valves - so why do I need the AES Basic?

Great, of course that helps a little to reduce the risk of pipes freezing up. But water can still remain in the bends and turns of the water pipes, and in summer there is still a risk of germs growing, as no valve opens automatically. For your safety, it helps to use the AES Basic.

How much pressure does the system work with? Can it damage my water system?

Don't worry, we use compressors that operate in the 15 to 20 psi range, so that although the water is pressed out of the pipes, nothing happens to the connections, water taps or even the boiler.

Can I retrofit the AES Basic myself?

Yes, of course - provided you are a little handy. You will receive instructions including an installation video to help you, so nothing should go wrong. And if you still have a question - we will of course help you at any time.

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Write us an e-mail: info@simplexaer.de

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